O Captain Exclusive


We recently recorded the amazing track “Rotten In Denmark” by the Emo-Pop 4 piece O Captain.

We have been working very closely with the Pop-Punk & Emo collective, This Party Sucks. They have been working for a while on releasing a one-off compilation mixtape showcasing tracks from the best bands in the region.

The first track on the mixtape is from Sheffield band O Captain with their unreleased and exclusive track ‘Rotten In Denmark’. There are no plans to include the track on any future release; this is a pure exclusive for the compilation.

The well-travelled and well-loved Indie-Emo quartet, with influences from Jimmy Eat World, The Hotelier and Into It Over It, recorded the track here at Toolmakers Recording Studio. O Captain are also currently promoting the release of their upcoming EP ‘Within & Without’, which will be available through Alya Records on 6th May.

You can download the This Party Sucks mixtape from their website or bandcamp.
You can also find O Captain on their Facebook.