Swegway Christmas Advert 2016


We recently recorded the soundtrack for the 2016 Swegway Christmas advert here at Toolmakers Recording Studio.

We were recently approached by the digital marketing agency Rackley Arnold with a concept of an alternative to the mainstream Christmas advert. Gareth the director of the advert already had a storyline planned and also had the perfect soundtrack in mind. All that was left to do was to record the musical piece and also finding the talent to perform it.

After a brief talk about the direction of the music, it was obvious that Caroline Francess would fit the bill perfectly! After a very quick pitch to Caroline, she was thrilled at the song choice and we got started as soon as possible.

The song is a fairly simple arrangement. A dreamy piano, an upfront clear vocal and a few “Christmassy” flourishes from a glockenspiel.

After a day’s recording and mixing all parties were extremely happy with the results and in a crazy amount of time (2 days) the video was published across social media and video platforms gaining a huge response worldwide.

Check out the fruits of our labor HERE.