Toolmakers Live Sessions

We provide live video sessions with pristine audio alongside high quality video in Toolmakers Studio. We also have the capability of streaming these high quality sessions to your Facebook page through Facebook Live.

The video is filmed using multiple camera’s to capture all the action as it is being performed. All audio will be recorded, mixed and mastered by our experienced engineer to get the best out of your performance.

Live video sessions are hugely important for musicians to have in their online portfolio, perfect for reaching out to fans, booking gigs, festival and release promotion. Live video is also now a crucial part of festival applications, having a live video session in your toolbox gives you a huge advantage over poorly sounding phone footage.

As a musician at heart, the brain behind Toolmakers Live Sessions Nathan Bailey understands the requirements and expectations of fellow artists. The audio quality in live video sessions is high on the demand list for musicians and fans; he feels that sound quality should not be compromised in place of video.


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Facebook Live Streams

We also have the capability to stream out live sessions straight out to your page vis Facebook Live. These type of sessions are excellent for reaching out to your fans, pushing merch and pushing music sales.

Use our contact page here to get more details and prices.

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